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DIY Unicorn Artwork (String Art)

Here's a super cute and easy way to add some stylish artwork to your dwelling without breaking the bank. Forget using string art with nails and a piece of wood, hammering and sawing your pretty little fingers off! This project just requires leftover cardboard and straight/ball point pins (the ones with the ball on top). On another note, winding this string is ridiculously satisfying and therapeutic! Yasssss.


  • seafoam-colored string (thin string used for crocheting)

  • white string (thin string used for crocheting)

  • straight pins or ball point Pins (pink, seafoam, teal, yellow and purple ball points)

  • 8.5" x 11" thick cardboard cutout (at least 1/2" and stable enough for the pin to stay put)

  • scissors (I also like to have a pair of small ones too, to get into the crannies. You'll see why later)

  • Exacto knife

  • template printout outline of unicorn, 2 copies


  1. Google your favorite unicorn outline and print. Try to avoid outlines that are too busy and complicated.

  2. Place and center print out on top of cardboard and pin along the outline of the unicorn. Pins must be somewhat close to each other when there are curves and more detail. When there is a straight line, you can use less pins. For example, when you get to the unicorn's legs or tail, make sure there are enough pins to follow that curve. When it comes to the belly or back, you can use less pins, further apart.

  3. Carefully remove the paper by tearing it sideways and outwards. If you pull up, the pins will come out. This is a bit time consuming, but you can totally do it. It helps if you cut the paper with small scissors into sections. Use an Exacto knife and make a knick by each pin for easier tearing.

  4. Tie a knot with white string on an inconspicuous area on one of the pins on the outer edge.

  5. Make an outline with the white string by winding around each pin and going to the next. Tie a knot when you reach the other end. Use the other copy to use as a reference of where the actual outline goes.

  6. With the seafoam-colored string, tie a knot on another inconspicuous area and wind around different pins, in a random zig-zag pattern, creating geometric shapes. Just be sure to stay within the white lines. Tie a knot on one of the outer pins, when finished.

  7. Place 4 pins on the outer corners and wind around them, creating a frame. You can brush on glue in the back and allow to dry to secure the pins.

  8. Put your autograph on it and hang it, for everyone one to see your beautifully, adorable masterpiece!

Unicorns, Glitter 'n' Galaxies,


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