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Greggy Soriano Pineapple
From the point of view of one who creates, everything is a gamble, a leap into the uknown.

- Yayoi Kusama - 

Gregory Soriano developed a deep and ritualistic love for food at a young age. He learned to cook with his parents, both from the Philippines. His dad introduced foods like Century Egg, Sisig, Balut (boiled duck embryo), and other cultural delicacies to the family. At 15, Greggy took to baking. He took classes at a local cake decorating supply store in his hometown and never looked back. Greggy started sculpting cakes for friends and family throughout his teenage years before moving to New York to attend The Culinary Institute of America. Here, he studied under some of the greatest teachers in Pastry and Cake, such as Betty Van NorStrand and Dieter Schorner. He has made a career of creating huge, extravagant cakes for weddings and upscale events in New York, and teaching cake design around the world. For Greggy, this is sacred and inspired artform. He uses classic technique to create avant garde cakes that evoke flow, movement, and feeling. A ballroom dancer, singer, event planner, and lover of a good theme, Greggy's theatrical personality and abundant skill set make him shimmer with a certain star quality that keeps people watching and wanting more. Coined by fans and followers as 'The Bob Ross of Cake Decorating', Greggy has been featured on The CW’s Beauty and the Geek, TLC’s Cakezilla, and Cake Boss: Next Great Baker, as well as a myriad of food publications. Greggy is currently a baker, published author, and beloved content creator specializing in cake, pastry, and Filipino cuisine. He resides in Glendora, California with his family.

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