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Wanna know a way to make me happy? Give Greggy the gift of chocolate! Okay, seriously, I really do have the best friends EVER. I received a box of birthday Bon Bons in the mail from my fave Lil' Monster friend, Dan! He is a really great friend and old roommate in college at The CIA. I love him SO much!

These truffles are from Cocoamoda Chocolate Boutique in Calvert, Texas. Love the beautiful textured box that it comes in. Dan gave a generous hand-selection of 5 flavors and three of each! As a fellow foodie, he KNOWS that one of each flavor just won't cut it. He said he picked flavors I think I might like. There aren't any labels, so I'm gonna do a fun blind tasting.

Here are my guesses from Top to Bottom:

-This is a White Chocolate shell rolled in powdered sugar with, some type of Calamansi, or Yuzu-type of citrus flavoring. Borderline Key Lime? I instantly thought of Calamansi. Sweet, tangy, tart and mouth watering.

-I taste bits of toasted coconut in a Milk Chocolate shell and a coconut caramel? The caramel is like a sauce dripping out of the chocolate shell. Uh-mazing.

-I seriously had a hard time with this one. Love the gilded swipe across the top. I'm getting refreshing floral notes. Rose, Lavender? It's a liquid-y caramel sauce infused with a floral tea? tisane?

-Woh, these nuts are PERFECTLY toasted. Robust and almost coffee-like in flavor. Not quite a ganache inside, but not quite a caramel. It was almost like a pecan pie filling texture. Hazelnut/Pecan Mocha Pie? haha

-I think I know this one. Bourbon? I love me some Dark Chocolate. This is filled with a whiskey ganache? SO good, whatever it is.

Here are the answers:

Okay, so I just googled them all on their website. As the visual person that I am, they didn't have images to go along with their menu, so I'll get back to you on that.

I love-love-loved them all. I give the look/finishing of each truffle a 7 out of 10. I like how natural they are, and not so literal (in a fake way) i.e.: Lime Green- Key Lime or with crazy cocoa butter designs. The coatings all had a snap to them, so they got their alpha and beta crystals workin' together during the tempering process. My only critique is that they didn't have the beautiful shine and that there was a really large "foot" (puddle) to all of them. They weren't bloomed though, so that's good. That's me being picky. lol I'm the type where if you're going to go natural looking, then go all the way and make it rustic and amoebic looking, but it you're striving for beautiful, then go all the way in a clean type of way, and make it perfect. :) Besides all of that, they had strong flavor profiles and totally bon!...erm BON! Thanks again, Dan, SO much! I'm so happy.

Uh-oh, my other friends got competitionnnnn. First, my friend Kelly with a lil' treat from Laduree, then Dan with a beautiful box of chocolates?! If any other of my friends want to prove to be Greggy's Best Friend Everrr, I am more than welcome to inbox you my address? ::wink: ahaha. I'm so lucky. Best dirty thirty birthday everrr.

Muah x 3,000...



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