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Foodie Utopia: Anaheim Packing District

I'm kind of loving this whole movement of gentrifying historic buildings and packing houses, like Anaheim Packing District, Claremont Packing House and stuffing them with a curated selection of gastronomic goodies. Call it bougie, (hate to say it) hipster, and uptight: I call it the happiest place on erm....the universe. What else would you turn the space into?! I took a food adventure on a whim the other day and stepped into ultimate foodie utopia at Grand Central Market in Dowtown LA.

A bunch of "Eggsluts" crowded the entryway and breakfast bar, busy taking selfies with their sammys. While our food was getting cold, from trying to get the perfect beauty shot, I was busy taking a bite of the Gaucho. It had seared Wagyu tri-tip steak, chimichurri, red onions and seasoned arugula, topped with an over medium egg, in a warm brioche bun. The nuttyness from the arugula and that egg definitely was the ticket to making it pretty darn good. Not to mention, the perfectly seared Wagyu and adorably handsome Filipino staff workers, attentively making sure if I'm doing "aight, man?" I wanted to cry with my mouth full of happiness. I was SO "aiiiight."

Burger, Beer 'n' Spicy Fried Broccolini from Belcampo. The best 4 "B's" in my entire life.

The demographic was a huge melting pot of different ages, social statuses, and cultures. I had a lady stare at me, having a moment with my perfectly poured fondant covered petit fours from Valerie, while she was grubbing on pupusas from Sarita's. There was a group of plastic cat-woman faced ladies who dined with their glasses of wine sitting at 1 o'clock and a team of Dodger jersey wearing jocks, sloshed, drinking beers and stuffing their faces with amazing food. I loved every bit of it. From Thai street food, to some knosh at Wexler's, this place has it all. I could go on and on about the deets, but it's definitely a place you have to visit, when you come to LA.

Here's a listing of vendors at GCM

Muah x 1,000...


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