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Personalized Cookie Gift Tags

Who wouldn't want to adorn their cookie baskets with a personalized gift tag that you could actually munch on too?! This idea is super cute, modern and a great way to impress your guests. These can be used for labeling boxes of candy, a cupcake box, and almost any giveaway for your party. Personalized cookie gift tags are tres chic for weddings. How lovely would they be as place markers for the table setting?

First, start out by making your favorite Sugar Cookie Dough. Chill and roll out the dough to a rectangle the size of a half sheet pan unto a silpat. Place in freezer and allow to chill. Score 1" by 4 to 5" length bars with a pizza cutter and ruler. There's no exact size requirement to this, but you need to at least achieve LONG and THIN cookies for this look.

Place the cut cookies back into the freezer and allow to harden. Take out of the freezer and arrange unto sheetpan for baking.

Bake at 350F until sides are a light golden brown. Watch carefully and do not overbake. These types of cookies bake really fast. I would set the timer at the 4-5min. mark and rotate in between.

Allow to cool and release with a mini offset spatula. Try to avoid moving them around too much, as they are super fragile. I actually don't like to move them at all, until after I frost them. They stay organized and you'll decrease the chances of breaking them.

Mix up some royal icing to a soft peak and line the outer edges of the cookies with a number 1 or 2 piping tip. Add water to the royal icing for a more loose consistency and flood (fill) the cookies with number 2 tip. Allow to set and dry.

Finish your cookies with your guest's name. If you're not too confident with your penmanship and piping skills, I'd practice on a board first.

What would you do with this personalized cookie idea. Tell me in the comment space below.

Cuddles and Cookies,


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