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Popcorn Chocolate Bars | Father's Day Gift

Thinking of what to make for Pops on Father's day? You have to make these adorable Popcorn Chocolate Bars, decorated in a paper menswear suit. I used origami paper for his shirt and tie. You can have tons of fun with this and make several of these chocolate bars in different styles with the origami patterns. I even found a gingham print to look like an actual button up shirt! Oh, and of course you have to make a home run with the Father's day pun by saying, "I love you Pops" and actually flavoring the chocolate bar with Popcorn. Get it? I love you Pops?! Ugh, I love myself a good pun.

Watch my full video tutorial on how to make this recipe by following my featured channel on the Darby App.

Muah x 1,000...


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