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Very Vanilla Spring Buttercream Flower Cupcakes

Heard someone call Vanilla, "Plain?!" I have to admit, I'm a chocolate person. However, Vanilla is definitely more than so called, "boring!" It's an amazing, classic flavor that is shamefully underrated. Sometimes classic and simple can make a big impression. These are VERY Vanilla-y Cupcakes with Vanilla-y Swiss Buttercream. I even incoporated some old-school piping techniques with these Buttercream peonies, ranunculus, roses and other lovely flowers. I used my go-to Vanilla Cupcake Recipe, but here's the recipe to my Very Vanilla Swiss Buttercream.

Greggy’s Very Vanilla Swiss Buttercream


  • 8oz (by liquid measure) Egg Whites (I recommend using REAL eggs, avoid carton egg whites). About 4-5 large eggs.

  • 2 Cups Sugar (granulated, avoid powdered sugar)

  • 6 Sticks Unsalted Butter (room temperature and YES, unsalted makes a difference)

  • pinch of Salt

  • 3-4 tsp. Pure Vanilla Extract (it will be on the ivory-side if you use regular Vanilla. You can use clear vanilla if you'd like for it to be on the whiter side. You can also color it with Bright White Gel Paste later as well.)


  1. Place sterilized kitchen aid bowl (just make sure it's super clean and dry) with whites unto a pan with water, barely simmering (a.ka. double boiler).

  2. Heat to 160 F, constantly stirring. Be sure to watch it and keep stirring or else it'll turn into an omelette.

  3. Whip on kitchen aid until cool. Place in refrigerator or freezer if necessary, after reaching a medium peak.

  4. Place back on whip and gradually add butter, one stick at a time. Make sure the meringue is cold prior to adding it to the mixture or else it will be a soupy mess. The mixture should separate at first (don't be alarmed and freak out). Be patient and keep mixing; it'll come back together. Mix until smooth and well incoporated.

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