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Summer Sweet Spot of 2014

I know you're having your share of frozen desserts this Summer. Tired of your average fro-yo or ice cream sundae? Enjoy your last weeks of the season by going to Blockheads Shavery Co. You may think you've had this, because you've tried Snow Iceor Halo-Halo, but you really haven't had it until you've tried Blockhead's.

Traditional Shaved Ice and Halo-Halo has more chunky, crushed bits of ice with syrup and layered with toppings. Blockhead's Shaved Ice uses this machine that produces ruffled layers of light and airy beds of snow. For some reason, I'm obsessed with food that come in ruffle-form; kind of like my favorite cheese, Tete de Moine. What's awesome about this ice is that the flavor is already infused into the mixture. The end result is light, refreshing and creamy at the same time. So you're not getting bland spoon fulls of water when it's melted. They definitely aren't skimpy when it comes to the Green Tea, because every bite has a burst of flavor.

My bestie, Kelly, and I got half Original Flavor (tastes like condensed milk/automotic amazingess in yo' mouf') and half Green Tea topped with mini Rice Cakes and strawberries. The mini Rice Cakes are like Mochi, but so much better. Keep in mind, the girl who works there said they actually make the Rice Cakes from scratch! Not gonna lie, I lifted the huge ceramic bowl it was served in and savored the last drop, ha!

Happy Summer x 1,000...



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