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Pistachio Shell Decorative Fall Candles

Here’s a stylish, chic and easy way to decorate yummy-scented Glade® Apple Cinnamon Jar Candles to dress your home up perfectly for Thanksgiving. Your guests will think you’re the most clever and creative person on the planet! These gilded beauties are made from pistachios. What’s great about this DIY craft is that you have something to snack on while you create it! You’re going to want to make this project every year.


  • ½-1 lb. pistachios with shells

  • 2 small bowls

  • Glue gun

  • Glue sticks for the glue gun

  • 1 Glade® Apple Cinnamon Jar Candle

  • Gold spray paint

  • Newspaper

  • Assortment of fall-colored ribbon


1. Separate each pistachio from its shell. Divide them into individual bowls, one for the shells and the other for pistachios. Depending on the size of your desired flower, you'll need at least eight shells (one shell equals one side), which will be petals for each flower. Make sure to save some unshelled pistachios for the center of the flower.

2. Take a pistachio that isn't shelled and hot glue a petal to one side. It helps to work on a surface that's nonstick with super glue, such as a granite counter, stainless steel table or a cookie sheet pan, so you can lay the flower down on the table when you’re working with it.

Add two more petals to completely surround the center.

3. Continue to glue more petals, staggering and overlapping them. These flowers always look better with an odd number of petals in each row. Stop gluing when you reach your desired flower size. I used about eight petals for a small flower.

4. When you've completed your flower, you can leave it with its natural color or color it with spray paint. I love them painted gold – it gives them a more modern and current look. Spray each flower outdoors on a piece of newspaper and allow to dry.

5. Wrap the base of your candle with layers of fall-colored ribbon. Hot glue the ends of the ribbon to the back of your candle.

6. Hot glue the flower to the center of your ribbon and there you have it – a super-cute and easy fall decorative embellishment to dress up those yummy scented candles!

*This content was created in partnership with Kroger Family Stores using free products provided by Kroger.


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