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How to Organize Your Baking Tools

How to Organize Your Baking Tools

Do you really need that many dishers and measuring cups? Yasssssssss. If you want to be America's next top home baking star/model, you have to be well-equipped to fulfill those duties. Baking requires precise timing, efficiency and an ample amount of tools at hand. This will keep you from relying on that one and only spatula, going back and forth to wash it in the sink a million times. If you have a custard on the stove that you are using the rubber spatula with and meringue whipping on the Kitchen Aid at the same time, are you really going to run to the sink, dry it and go back and forth? That entire scenario stresses me out, just thinking about it! You'll just be setting yourself up for a curdled disaster. On another note, if you have a baking sesh party with friends, you definitely want to have more than one scoop, so they can actually join the fun too!

I just love a good excuse to organize. It's beyond satisfying to me. I'm obsessed with going to the Container Store or dollar store to see what types of containers they have and what I could do with them. Make sure to somewhat measure before you take a trip to the store: width, length and height. You want to be able to open 'n' close those drawers and have your tools actually fit inside them.

I like to label almost everything with Post-Its snipped at the top. It's more temporary than having to scrub off the goo from the adhesive if you use a sticker label. I use this trick with even labeling tupperware leftovers in the fridge. Another option is Washi Tape or colored Masking Tape. Just make sure it's the kind of tape that doesn't leave that is a hot mess with you remove it (ya know, when it rips and the goo is left behind.) Oh, and I've been obsessed with permanent white marker pens on Kraft paper; just for a bit more style.


-Make sure they are temperature resistant. Sometimes it's etched right on the handle or the actual "head" part of the spatula.

-Rubber or silicone is best. Chuck those plastic-y ones or repurpose it for some DIY project. They're terrible. They'll melt, burn and just be an eyesore.

-Different sizes are advised. I've been obsessed with these small spatulas from Williams Sonoma. These mini rubber spatulas really get the nooks in small mixing bowls. They come in a pair, in grey and white color options.

-You definitely need more than one mini offset spatula. When you're mixing multiple colors of royal icing or separating one spatula for a crumb coat and one for finishing, more than one mini offset definitely comes in handy; trust.


-Collect different types of scoops/dishers. Apparently, they call them "dishers" in the south. I'd invest in strong, good quality ones. The medium and large ones are great for cookies, ice cream and even measuring out buttercream for your cakes and cupcakes. The small lil' cuties are perfect for truffles and cake pops.

-I'm obsessed with different shapes as well. Forget trying to make a quenelle with two-spoons, like the French chefs do, just scoop your beautiful football-shaped perfection with a quenelle scoop!


-If you have to measure wet ingredients, you don't want to dunk it into your canister of flour or sugar. That's why you have more than set of measuring cups.

-I've been obsessed with collecting copper everything and just love the different colors.

-Same goes with measuring spoons. You don't want to contaminate your sugar with baking soda or honey. Did you know that you can contaminate your sugar? When you boil sugar for candies/sugar work, you need all of your ingredients to be free of impurities or else it'll crystallize. Same with whipping egg whites, your bowl has to be free of impurities. If you measure with oil first and then measure your whites with the same liquid measuring cup it definitely won't whip to any peak.

-Start collecting, just because there are so many different styles that are just darn cute!

Happy Organizing!

(Wish I Was There to Organize With You)....


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