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Knautical Knots

I'm obsessed with all things nautical and love the literal concept of "tying the knot" for weddings. I designed this cake display with thoughts of giving a fresh look on the typical nautical color palette. It doesn't have to be red, white and navy blue all the time. I chose a Sage/Avocodo green with tans, white and creams. Here, I designed a monogrammed cake, framed in a large edible painted knot, along with piped knotted designs.

I owe this brilliant idea to my Mom. She's the one with the green thumb. She has a gazillion succulents growing in her garden and I asked her what the best vessel would be to put them in (after confusing her by describing my vision for this design). In her cute lil' Filipina accent, she said, "Why dont you use the Biehnna Sausage cahn?!" Boom! Wrapped them in Jute twine, some with bows, filled them with soil, topped with reindeer moss from Crate and Barrel and beautiful succulents from Mom's garden. :)

I used the Geometric Prettiness cake stand to compliment the cake. This comes to show that you don't need to be too matchy-matchy when it comes to accesorizing. I love the shape of the pedestal, which gives it a more current and modern look. It breaks up the cheesy-ness and makes it more chic. The marble is a white to pink hue which compliments well with the Sage and Avocado Green.

This Jute twine is done in a fishnet design. Mason jars are a staple in party decor nowadays, so I thought I'd dress them up a bit to go along with the theme. I've seen these done to bottles with a ridiculously expensive price tag at home interior stores. I figured I could recreate the look myself. It's SO much fun, super easy to do and it totally completes the look. They could be hung- filled with electronic tea light candles, made as giveaways for your guests, or to fill your goodies in a display, like I did here. I'll show you how to make this project in another post.

You could make these twine pendants by simply wrapping and glueing styrofoam balls that you could find at the craft store.

What do you think of the "Knautical" look?

Muah x 1,000...



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